Guide: How to See and Save Your First Facebook Messages

So you heard that you can find out how to see your first Facebook message here. Or maybe you heard that you could save all of your old messages with someone for your own safe keeping (since Facebook seems to delete the older messages periodically – I learned that the hard way) No matter how you got here, below is a list of 3 different guides on how to save and see old Facebook messages.

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This method is for those who just want a quick backup of their messages, and the possibility to see their oldest messages without much knowledge of computers. This method has drawbacks though, as it only lists each conversation on one single giant page and you have to scroll through thousands of messages. Plus, Facebook makes you wait for your download at least a day. The next method is more useful if you just want to see the messages.


This method is the best if you want to see the first messages with a specific person and you can follow careful directions well.  I personally think most people will choose this method because it’s still easy if you follow the steps carefully.


Well, if you want to save ALL your messages with someone in a clean PDF form, this is the guide for you. Be prepared to work for it though and make sure you have some time on your hands!

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Tested working on 2/15/14.

63 thoughts on “Guide: How to See and Save Your First Facebook Messages

  1. ommggg!!!!!! thank you so much!! that helped me so much and it was time saving thankk you ver mmuch :)) i really apperciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))))))

  2. I have actually just discovered that a couple of weeks ago.. But one question for you please.. You say FB only started saving messages in April 2010.. but for some reason I only can go back to June 2012 with a particular person (and i only have 21000 message with that person and not 50000 as in your case).. Any ideas? thx

  3. I tried to do this with both my phone and my computer, but my iPhone won’t open a new tab and my computer loads the messages before I can click on “See older messages” what can I do?

    • I had the same problem but I made sure not to use the Facebook app and instead went on the mobile site … That worked for me ? You should try it

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  5. “Then click the person you want to see the first message with. Here, you’ll see the latest messages with them. Before discovering this trick, I would click “See older messages” until my computer would crash. But that’s not a very effective way of getting to the first message when there’s over 50,000 logged and it only cues 60 at a time and only 7-10 on the mobile version.” But I cannot See The Numbers Of Latest Messages !:/

  6. Super Miracle .. Love u i did as &start=11562&page_size=11562 Got all messages .:):) I tried Hard from 1 day searching in Google .. Finally Urs Tips worked .
    Thanku Thanku Thanku

  7. Super Miracle .. Love u , i did as &start=11562&page_size=11562 Got all messages . I tried Hard from 1 day searching in Google .. Finally Urs Tips worked .
    Thanku Thanku Thanku

    • I’m not sure if it’ll work from an ipod. I’ve never tried it on one. I guess on an ipod, you have to hold down the words that say click to see older messages and then open in new tab. That should work, but i’m not sure. Good luck!

  8. OMG! My girlfriend is changing her account tomorrow and I as so afraid all our chats would be lost! Plus, I’ve have done the scrolly thingy, but when you have over 31k messages I could be here all week! I input “1” on the search bar and ir came up her very first contact with me. I am going to copy/paste ALL our convos. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart! I cannot wait to show her the beginning of our friendship chats and all that has transpired until now! I am so happy I could cry!!! ^-^

  9. Dude! You are the man! That worked exactly as you said! I liked ya page and i hope a few more people do too coz you must be getting a bit of traffic from Google!

    Sensational hack there and I’m going to put it out to a shit load of people on some big pages! I typed in 200 as you suggested and the first message i saw with this particular person was so epic that i screen grabbed and will be showing them tomorrow. They are going to piss themselves laughing!

    Well done and sensational form there!

  10. omg, you’ve helped me so much! my girlfriend wanted to know what the first message that she ever sent to me was so then it would be romantic and thanks to you i found it😀 thank you so much!

  11. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here frequently.. I’m quite certain I will learn many new stuff right here… Good luck for the next! San Francisco Roofing, 1276 7th Ave., San Francisco, CA, 94122, US, 415-800-4100

  12. Where do i find this pls ->start=52695” (yours will be another number) to ”start=a low number like 200”

  13. From here, all you have to do is change the “start=52695” (yours will be another number) to ”start=a low number like 200”……..i don’t get it from here please help me

    • You simply have to right click “See Older Messages” and open it in a new tab. Then on that new tab, the URL should have that start line that you’re looking for.

    • You have to go to first, click a persons message and when you right click “See older messages” youll see the start= in the URL Address bar

      James Brako-Mccomb Blog –

  14. I have a bit of a problem though – I want to archive my conversation with someone in PDF form, and I’m fine with doing it in several 10,000 message chunks (there are 100,000 messages all up) but I can’t see how to get to the second (and third, fourth, etc) lot of 10,000 messages. I got the first 10,000 by changing the numbers in both start= and page_size= to 10000, but I don’t know how to make it so that I have all 10,000 of the messages up to 20,000, 30,000, etc. How do I engineer this?

    • You’re not alone in wanting to do that. I have just the same number of messages and I’ve saved them all. But its been a while. I don’t recall changing the page size to work. That’s awesome if it does though. I remember having to hold down the hone button and manually clicking see older messages until I reached a point. If you got the first 10000, then wouldn’t you just want to do start=20000? You must have a sick computer if you can handle 10,000 at once! Good luck! Let me known of that works!

      James Brako-McComb

      • I can get up to about 13,000 at once on the mobile version but nowhere near that on the web browser version. I tried changing the start value to 20000 and keeping the page size at 10000 but it won’t show any more than 7 messages and changes which messages depending on the page size value, not the start value. Can you run me through how you got all 100,000 even if not all at once? This is important hahahaha

      • Oh! That’s right! I used a scripter to automatically do the button and mouse clicks and just let that run for a while. What I mean is that I cued each “See older messages” to semiautomatically load the pages.

  15. I want to HUG you now!!! This was a long email thread where my fiance (now husband) fell in love writing to each other across the Atlantic ocean. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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